Caritas Initiatives

To be and to do the work of love:
Supporting charitable activities 
with creative and practical solutions 

Looking to launch a new charitable outreach?
Have a project that could use additional support?
Want to provide an opportunity for reflection for staff?
Have an idea that you would like to research or develop?

Translating the abstract ideas of faith into the practical realities of work is often uncharted territory.  We are meant to bring the best of effective, truth-filled business practices into the work of service and charity.  The two can co-exist...and by co-existing, they can extend the reach and impact of your organization!  Whether your charitable outreach needs an re-infusion of faith or your service organization needs better systems and structures,
Caritas Initiatives can provide the experience, leadership, and practical support to bolster your work.  
Contact Us:
Mary E Peterson
Caritas Initiatives
PO Box 4447
Washington, DC 20017

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